All the Financial Services a Startup Needs

All-in monthly plans

One-time projects

Start low and grow

Bookkeeping and account preparation. We’ll manage your monthly bookkeeping. We’ll prepare and file your statutory annual accounts with a local accountant partner

Reporting ledgers. We have suitable setups for your type and stage of business. Correct reporting of revenue and costs is needed to track and benchmark your performance KPIs

Management and investor reports. We have the templates ready for your data—no need to reinvent the wheel. We know what matters to your type of business and investors

Business model. We have a template ready for your type and stage of business. Your business model needs to reflect realistic unit economics and market benchmarks. We know what investors look for

Payroll services. We have the system to ensure all your employees get their money correctly, on time, and comply with regulations

Tax services. We have the subject matter experts to ensure your tax filings are compliant and optimized for your type and stage of business

Fundraising. We have very extensive databases of equity and debt investors. We’ll make the fundraising process efficient. We know term sheet clauses inside out and will advise you in your deal negotiations

Pitch deck. We have a suitable template for your type and stage of business. You know your business better than anyone. We check that your pitch deck reflects that and meets the requirements of investors

Captable. Who owns what of your company before and after a funding round? You may have sold a convertible note and promised your key employees shares. It can be complex, but we’ve got it worked out

Investor due dilligence. We have the setups ready for you. This ranges from small non-binding to final transaction data rooms

Accounts receivable and payable. You’ll set up the initial invoices and approve all non-standard payments. We’ll automate the rest

Adhoc finance, CFO, and M&A projects. No limits. Buy out a partner. Merge with your competitor. CFO sparring. Talk to us about your project, no matter how complex. We’ve done it before

Choose a package that suits your startup

Simple, flexible pricing plans for any situation

Monthly Service Plan

First three months – 50% discount


No lock-ins, change or cancel monthly

  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax & Payroll Services
  • AR & AP Automation
  • Templates & Reports
  • Fundraising & M&A
  • Fractional CFO
One-Off Project

Fixed, no hidden costs or success fees


We are affordable, as we do this a lot

  • Pitch Deck
  • Business Plan
  • Equity Fundraising
  • Debt Fundraising
  • Due Diligence
  • M&A Preparation